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Creator's Introduction

So this is a custom stage I made to show off what can be done in SADX as of today. Please not that I am not good at modeling or level design, this was purely for fun.

Please use the Lantern Engine mod to have the best visuals possible. This mod should be compatible with all other mods, just note that HD GUI will break the boss title name!


  • Sonic, Knuckles, and Gamma pathways of the level
  • custom boss that appears if the level has already been completed once. It uses its own act, so I’ll probably be able to add it to the list of bosses some day.
  • Completely new enemies (Rexon, Spiker.)
  • Completely new objects made from the ground up.
  • A camera layout (I’m getting less lazy)
  • A custom event (for the level introduction if you’ve never completed it)
  • You can configure the mod in the Mod Manager to disable the boss or to enable its hard mode.
  • Installing is like any other mod. Just extract into the “mods” folder.

Creator's Credits

  • Textures/sounds are mostly modified textures/sounds from SADX, SA2 or HEROES. The main music was remastered by BlazeHedghehog, the boss music however lacks a remastered one (please tell me if you’re interested in doing that!)
  • As always please note that this wouldn’t have been possible without all the SA TOOLS folks (MainMemory, CorvidDude, PkR, Justin113D, ItsEasyActually, and you should never start a list.)

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for this mod goes to Kell and any others involved in assisting the developer in this mod creation. 

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