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Harder Bosses

By The Duck Dealer

Ever feel like the boss fights in Sonic Forces were too simple? Would you like a better challenge?
Well, you wouldn’t be here otherwise, so…
Introducing the Sonic Forces: Harder Bosses mod! 
What does this mod do? 
…You’re kidding, right? I–Okay. It makes the bosses HARDER!
I can’t believe I have to explain this.

Current Bosses

  • VS Zavok:
    • Buffs Zavok’s health.
    • Adds a ring of Galagabees around the arena, discouraging the player from straying too far out of the arena.
    • Buffs the Buzzbombers and swaps their spawn postions.
    • Makes Zavok’s attacks faster.
  • VS Infinite – First Bout:
    • Buffs Infinite’s health.
    • Makes his attacks faster.
    • Changes his attack pattern, requiring the player to strategize and use their full moveset in order to avoid his attacks.
  • VS Eggman:
    • Buffs Phase 1 health, lowers Phase 2 health.
    • The platforms in phase 1 now have spikes attached underneath, as well as move up or down, requiring the player to time their attacks.
    • Rings only spawn during Phase 1.
    • The Debris attack pattern has been altered.
    • Rising spikes have been added to both sides of the arena in phase 2, meaning the player can’t just hold spindash to avoid the Egg Dragoon’s debris attacks.
    • Attack speed increase.
  • VS Infinite – Second Bout:
    • Infinite’s health has been increased.
    • Wispon damage decreased.
    • The fight now takes place in a 3D environment.
    • Infinite’s attack pattern has been revised, and attack speed increased, requiring the player to react quickly to avoid his attacks.
    • Virtual Reality hazards have been completely reworked.
  • VS Mega Death Egg Robot:
    • Boss health has been increased.
    • Phase 1 features an unused missile attack.
    • The disappearing floors in phase 1 move more quickly.
    • The debris pattern the Death Egg Robot throws at you has been slightly reworked.
    • Wispon damage has been decreased exponentially.
    • Attack pattern has been changed.
    • Phase 2 features an unused Valkeen spawner.
    • Attack speed increase.
    • Phase 3 is much more challenging, requiring the player to react quickly in order to avoid the enemies’ attacks.
    • Triple Boost chargeup timer has been decreased.

Metal Sonic & VS Infinite – Showdown will be coming in the future.


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