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Sonic Adventure DX: EXPERT MODE

Creator: UncreativeUsername

Classification: Mod

Base Game: Sonic Adventure DX


The SADX Expert Mode mod essentially creates tougher level layouts for Sonic Adventure. For certain characters, such as Sonic and E-102 Gamma, each level has dramatic changes to create a new overall experience and tests your ability to think very differently when completing the levels. Techniques such as back as back tracking and using your abilities to access areas not normally accessed in the original versions of levels will be useful and sometimes necessary. Also being watchful of traps, being able to handle a large number of foes, and being quick to react to a range of obstacles such as reverse dash panels and pitfalls makes this a great challenge for players. It is highly recommended to try this mode out while having the Sonic, Shadow, and Metal Sonic Gameplay Overhaul enabled. Their unique and vast number of abilities allows for a better overall and still fast paced experience. It also provides bounds of replayability as you try out the many ways to approach each level with each character with each of their game changing abilities.

Some Aspects of Level Changes

  1. Certain areas require using switches to activate the rockets that transport you to the next portion of the level.
  2. Enemies are more difficult to defeat.
  3. Many enemies require you to hit more precisely than before.
  4. New pathways are created for exploration.
  5. Many areas have exponentially more enemies to deal with.
  6. More item placement.

Sonic Metropolis Credits

  1. Credit for this mod goes to UncreativeUsername.
  2. Image title found under the SADX mod page originated from the Eight and a Half Bit website.
  3. Image previews and soon-to-come video footage comes from Sonic Metropolis.
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