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Dash Adventure 2

 By Revenir

Dash Adventure 2 is back to participate in the Dash Hacking Contest again!

However, this time, the entire mod is pretty much complete—recap time for those that didn’t catch the mod later. Dash Adventure 2 is an AU mod based on the concept of if SEGA decided to go with the rabbit design instead of a hedgehog. Anything like names and stuff will be listed in a txt file in the zip along with several little easter eggs for fun. They all need a code, however, to access. Good luck with that.

Last year, all we had for the contest was all the Sonic and Shadow stages retextured with new music and the like. This year, every stage has new textures and new music. Combined with that, all the character models have received a new layer of polish to make them even better than before. I know I said last year I said that we’d edit the stages more. This is, unfortunately, not the case. Only a few stages are edited still due to issues with the tools that will hopefully be fixed. However, we made up for that in a big way. For the first time ever, Dash and his friends have new tricks to show off. I’ll list a few now!

  1. Dash the Rabbit(Sonic) now has a double jump that Dash can activate in the air with the Y button. He also doesn’t have a bounce bracelet anymore, but now when you attempt to bounce, you’ll do a drop dash getting an instant burst of speed.
  2. Dusk the Rabbit(Shadow) lacks Dash’s double jump and drop dash, but he makes up for this by having faster acceleration than him(with the price of being more slippery), the ability to move while charging spin dash, and an air boost when pressing the Y button. That’s not all, of course. For example, if you press the X button in the air, he’ll descend quicker, like a fast fall.
  3. Picara the Owl(Rouge) now has the ability to glide indefinitely. She no longer descends while gliding. She also has the ability to fly as well. While holding Y during a glide, you can ascend upwards. Be warned, Picara will get tired if ascending for too long and will start descending as normal. She also has changes to her kit to make getting in the air for flying a cinch.
  4. Jabs the Kangaroo(Knux) can swim fast, run faster, and jump higher than Picara or anyone in the cast, that is. Jabs has a triple jump. Useful for climbing or general platforming. This is performed by pressing Y in the air.
  5. Bolt the Maned Wolf(Tails) can now ascend while hovering. He only does this temporarily upon lifting off. He also moves faster while hovering, if not slightly. Bolt can apply this to skip many parts of the mech stages. See how fast you can beat them now.
  6. Prof. Eggman‘s hover now acts similar to a double jump with a glide at the end. He boosts up high then descends slowly. This is extremely useful for stages with verticality.

That’s just the abilities. Like before, though, we have changed the physics for all the characters giving them a different feel than the original cast. I hope that with this and the new stage looks that it’ll give off the feel of something new. To talk about just a few more things, the cutscenes have been edited to be purposely cringe with recolors and the like. It is not yet finished to be peak cringe, but it is our alternative to actual cutscene editing since the amount of effort at the moment to do such is not feasible for anyone. The Chao gardens have been changed yet again, maybe not to the biggest extent with the ark like last year, but I feel the two new Chao gardens should look good for taking care of any Chao you have, and last but not least, Green Hill has been replaced with a completely new stage. Marble Zone, its a work in progress, but it’s completable and interesting to play through.

With that all said, I hope you find everything in DA2 to be grand. We hope to have the final release done this year. Make sure to check the credits section or the credits txt file to find our socials and/or follow me on Twitter for mostly Dash-related stuff.



Revenir(leader/Texture Artist/Dusk,Eggman,Gun Soldiers,King Boom Boo VA)@Revenir_Incarne

-[Dexterity]-(He knows what he did)@MentorDex







MegaBaz(Jabs Stages Musician)@MegaBaZ

FreeninGreen(Dusk Stages Musicians)@FreeninGreen

Harshmallow(Bolt & Eggman Stages Musician)@harshmallowy


DreamKittu(Picara Stages Singer)@DreamKittu


Shaddatic(Bolt VA/Chao Coder)@Shaddatic





NezumiVA(Picara VA)@NezumiVA

Legendosaur(Dash VA)@Legendosaur


Tre(Jabs VA/Artist)


Alex Dragon Randles(Easter Egg VA)

VadaPeGa(Sound Effects Maker)@VAdePEGA



Shadowside @ShadowSide47

JJsucksalot @JJsmiley95

Quinton Gray 14 @qgray14

Ruby @Zenzettai


Sonic Overtime @SonicOvertime

Iulian @iulian2043

MrLevRocks @MrLevRocks

TEXTURE RESOURCES (All Resources Used have been Edited)

Blinx the Time Sweeper 1 and 2

Kingdom Hearts 3

Sonic & the Secret Rings

Sonic & the Black Knight

Sonic Generations

Metroid Prime

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