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Colors Sonic

By saguinee

Sonic as he appears in Sonic Colors in its full glory for the first time, including various animations, jump ball, and even the rainbow boost. Because this mod predates Sonic Colors Ultimate, it is based on the Wii version of Sonic Colors, with the exception of a few costumes available in HedgeModManager’s configuration (CTRL +C or right click the mod from the loader and click configure). Bonus: the Simulation Sonic + its recolors are available from the HedgeModManager’s configuration.

It is very important that you use the HedgeModManager mod loader, Direct3D 9 EX, and Better FxPipeline to fully utilize this mod’s features and to avoid graphical errors.

While not required, I highly recommend using Skyth’s Unleashed Drift mod to have the drift animations representative of what they are like in Sonic Colors, otherwise, the drift will have Sonic appear in a ball, like Sonic Generations. This is separate to avoid issues with Casino Night crashes as well as visual inaccuracies.


  • FrankuSTI – Simulation Sonic import/rigging/materials, texture work
  • Hyper – DLL coding + code loader patches
  • M&M – Archivetree setup + DLL coding
  • Sajid – Archivetree assistance
  • Skyth – No grind boost anim patch
  • TBSF – Eye texture
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