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Burrotis's Super Sonic in Sonic CD

By SoN1c2001

After about four months of work, Super Sonic is now fully playable in Sonic CD!

A project that technically dates back to 2019, Super Sonic is finally in working order and is as close to S1/2’s physics as possible. There aren’t too many new features as the main focus was getting Super Sonic to feel like he should but there are some extra things included in the mod as well.


– Going into the Sound Test can let you start a playthrough with Super Sonic/Tails unlocked immediately. These codes are:

  • PCM 8, DA 8 – Start with Super Sonic
  • PCM 9, DA 9 – Start with Super Tails
  • PCM 10, DA 10 – Start with Miracle Sonic
  • PCM 11, DA 11 – Start with Miracle Tails

– Don’t think that the Time Stones should give Sonic the ability to go Super? Feel free to change it to be Miracle Sonic by Pics_Pixels! The same thing applies with Tails, though it’s based on my own design.

– Super Sonic share’s little to no animations with Sonic now. Tails has an extra .ani file to make modding easier.

– Almost everything related to Super Sonic is handled by the PlayerObject script which lowers the number of files used for the transformation specifically.

– Water uses the mobile versions to lower palette usage.

– Has support for the Fixed Decomp Menu mod by Megami (It’s not necessary to use it but load it after the Super Sonic mod to make it work properly. If you go without it, please make sure that you don’t go into the Achievements menu).

– Idle animation for Super Sonic’s standing has been properly added. This means that for other modders, you can have both Sonic and Tails use a unique standing animation and not have it affect the standing rotation sprites.

– Super Themes for both the U.S. and JP soundtracks.

– Both Steam and Decomp versions are included in the download. Just pick the one you want to use and set it up like a normal mod!

As this is the first release, not everything that I want to do is in the mod yet. I’d like to implement Hyper Sonic as well as extra palettes for Sonic and Tails later on down the line. It’s not a promise, though these are ideas at the very least. Along with that, a Gamebanana release will happen later after SHC is over. There is also the chance of crashes still happening but we’ve ironed out the major ones.

Known Issues

  • Super music doesn’t continue to play after time traveling.
  • Using Dev Menu won’t use your choice for the palette. It’ll always default to the Super palettes.

If you come across any crashes on either Steam or Decomp, please let us know and give instructions on how to replicate it and we’ll try to fix it for the Gamebanana release!


  • Leonx254 – Helping with the creation of the Super Sparks backport and generally helping out with fixing bugs. Also redid the entire palette rotation system to make it better.
  • AaronKasarion – Made edits to the sprites I did to make them fit better in the game.
  • Cosmic Eternity – Playtester and helped with other things, namely identifying bugs.
  • Rubberduckycooly – Made the initial code that was used for the palette rotation as well as identifying the same bug twice.
  • PimpUigi – Made the looping version of the Super themes in the mod.
  • Orbyy – Made the hanging sprites for Super Sonic.
  • CheatFreak – Fixed the crash from holding tab while loading levels.
  • Mr. Htuber and UnknownEXE – Created the sprites for Super Sonic’s 3D ramp animations, Outta Here animation, Chibi transformation and Chibi crouching and hurt animation. (All of which have been edited by me to fix some shading issues with the gloves)
  • Pics_Pixels – Created the design for Miracle Sonic
  • Megami – Allowed me to use files from their Fixed Decomp Menu mod to get the options menu working.
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