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Blazey Mix Plus Moveset!

By MewDude94andKnuckles and Team


~Blaze’s fire shield is activated by holding up and pressing any jump button. This only works if you have at least 20 rings, so pay attention to your ring count!

~Blaze’s fire double jump is activated by pressing the jump button again in the air- the longer you hold the jump button, the higher Blaze will go, at least until the moves reaches it’s natural end.

This is the moveset version of the Blazey Mix mod, if you are looking for the simple skin mod that does not change gameplay I recommend checking my profile for it.

After a long time in development, and made possible thanks to CodeNameGamma, Blaze finally has her own unique way to play through Sonic Mania! She has been upgraded to a brand new character with her own playstyle that compliments both her character and the game itself.

Blaze has two unique moves: A fiery double jump that travels quite high, and a useful fire shield that Blaze can summon at the cost of 20 rings. Using her new abilities to progress through the game should hopefully prove to be a fun time, try using her moves to reach areas that other characters cannot!

Thanks to all the talented individuals who were involved with this project over the years, it wouldn’t have been possible without you, namely: The Vagabond, Laiver, CodeNameGamma, BluePisces and many more.

P.S. This will likely be the last release of the Blazey Mix mod, at least until the community figures out a way to separate custom characters from the characters that they are based on (i.e making Sonic playable at the same time as Blaze)

3.0 UPDATE (2019)

Blazey Mix 3.0 update includes brand new, overhauled, and improved sprites for Blaze and Burning Blaze. It also includes the introduction of Eggman Nega. There are also a few surprises along the way. The update is equipped with 2 versions: one that includes music unique to Blaze (which is in the intended playthrough method) and one without music for those who want new content without the new music. 

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