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This Better SADX guide is provided by Danhanado and 2 collaborators. This guide and its contents can be found on Steam Communities for Sonic Adventure DX. You may also join the Better SADX Steam group for more support.


During install, you will be given 2 options:

  1. Complete Dreamcast Experience – Dreamcast everything, models, stages and sounds with all the benefits of being a modern PC game.
  2. Enhanced Director’s Cut Experience – Director’s Cut style, featuring loads of favorable improvements over the base game. Runs well even on lower performance machines.

Download the latest version from the button link above.


Please join the Steam group and/or sign up for email updates [] to be notified when BetterSADX is updated.

Notice about SADX Mod Installer

SADX Mod Installer is an alternative to BetterSADX that, while not offering an entirely identical set of mods, does offer most of the same things, and in addition includes a fancy GUI for remapping keyboard and gamepad controls, features notably more customization options, and is always running bleeding edge updates of everything. We highly recommend using that instead, especially if you are an advanced user. SADX Mod Installer is available here.


Dreamcast Conversion

Includes the incredible Dreamcast Conversion mod by PkR. This project aims to return the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX to it’s appearance on the original Sega Dreamcast. This includes the restoration of the palette lighting engine, as well as ports of the Dreamcast land tables, level models, and textures.

Resolution Options

Use any custom resolution. With “Windowed Fullscreen” and “Stretch Fullscreen” (enabled by default), you can specify resolutions larger than your native which will downsample.

Improved Graphics, Sound, and Fixes

Texture filtering, Mipmapping, better sound and an extensive range of layout and bug fixes, created by the community.

Mod Support

BetterSADX includes and relies on the latest version of SADX Mod Manager, which provides a clean entry point and effective way to manage mods for the game! All of BetterSADX is fully modular, meaning, you can configure and tweak it here to your heart’s content.

Full Controller Support

Includes the latest version of the Input Mod by SonicFreak94. This provides improved support with use of the right stick and trigger buttons. It also includes Smooth Cam to give you a smoother first person camera.

We now support the Steam Controller as well. Here’s a profile for BetterSADX, upvote it if you want.

Super Sonic in Action Stages

Once you’ve completed the 7 main story modes, you can play as Super Sonic who is faster, invincible and can run along most water. He loses 1 ring per second and will lose the power once his ring count hits 0.

To activate:

  1. Make sure you’ve completed the Super Sonic story at least once.
  2. Play as Sonic.
  3. Collect 50 rings.
  4. Jump and press the B button to transform into Super Sonic (or to transform back).

Please Note: Some stages and items/set-pieces (which force you to spindash) will auto-transform Sonic back to his normal form to stop the game from crashing. If you are unable to transform for this reason, Sonic will say “Huh?”.

Dreamcast DLC

The wonderful DLC mods by PkR! These mods allow you to experience the original Dreamcast DLC at any time by toggling them from the Mod Manager! Simply open the game and choose configure to bring up the mod manager.

Playable Game Gear Titles

The Game Gear games from previous SADX releases are back.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Sonic Drift
  3. Sonic Chaos
  4. Sonic Spinball
  5. Sonic Labyrinth
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  7. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  8. Sonic Triple Trouble
  9. Sonic Drift 2
  10. Tails’ Skypatrol
  11. Sonic Blast
  12. Tails Adventure

You can unlock them by collecting emblems and beating missions in Mission mode. It is recommended you run the game in 640 x 480 if you plan on playing these.

Seamless Integration

You can enjoy all the features just from running the game via Steam and choosing Play or Configure, and in addition, this also supports Steam Achievements.

Discord Rich Presence

Show what you’re doing in-game to your Discord friends and servers.


When you launch the game from Steam, you can still choose “Play” or “Configure” to change settings. Other than the resolution, we recommend you leave the settings as their defaults.

Configure Mods

Configure opens the SADX Mod Manager, where you can manage and tweak what we’ve provided to you in any way you’d like. We’ve included the mods in the optimal order by default as well, but for future reference, mods have a priority system. The lower on the list the mod is, the higher the priority for that mod is, meaning if multiple mods replace the same thing, only the lowest one on the list will show it’s changes.

Set Your Resolution

By default, the installer will set your desktop resolution.

To set your own resolution:

  1. Start the game from Steam and choose the Configure option.
  2. Click the “Options” tab.
  3. Next to “Use Custom Resolution” you can specify your own or click the “Native Resolution” button to use what your Desktop is currently set to.
  4. Click “Save” and close the window or click “Save and Play”.

Converting Your Steam Saves

This is now done automatically during the install.
If a “SAVEDATA” folder already exists in your game folder from a prior install of BetterSADX, then no saves will be copied (to prevent overwriting and save loss)

Customizing Keyboard Controls

It is now possible to use the keyboard to play the game with customized keyboard controls thanks to PkR’s Keyboard remapper mod. To enable keyboard controls, you must open the SADX Mod Manager, uncheck “Input-Mod” and check “Keyboard Remapper”.

From there you can edit the controls using the configure button for that mod, or by right clicking on it and choosing “Open Folder” you can find a config tool for editing the controls conveniently. Some keys, such as shift, ctrl, and caps lock are not bind-able due to limitations of the game’s keyboard support.

Thanks for Reading!


CheatFreak – HD GUI 2 Button Prompts, Planning & Design
Carlmundo – Mod Conversion, Patcher, Planning & Design
Danhanado – Original Guide and BetterSADX Logo
SonicFreak94 – Mod Manager and Loader, SADX Fixed Edition, Input-Mod, Pause Hide, Smooth Camera, Super Sonic Mod, HUD Scaling, Camera Code Error Fix, Idle Chatter, SADX-DC-Lighting
MainMemory – Mod Manager and Loader, Modding Tools, Achievements, Save Tool, Egg Carrier Ocean Music, Misc Help
PkR – Dreamcast Conversion, Dreamcast DLCs, Work on SADX:FE, Sound Overhaul, Time of Day, SA1 Style EXE Icon (4.2+), HD GUI 2, SADX-Keyboard-Remap, Feedback on HD GUI 2 Button Prompts, Feedback and Help in general
SuperCoolSonic – Fixes, Adds, and Beta Restores mod
Dark Sonic – Work on HD GUI 2 Mod
Sonikko – Work on HD GUI 2 Mod, Feedback on HD GUI 2 Button Prompts.
Speeps – Work on HD GUI 2 Mod
SteG – Work on HD GUI 2 Mod
SuperSonic16 – DiscordSADX Mod
ZorakaroZ – Updates to MimicDCTextures
Spoonm – App Launcher Clone
VeritasDL – Camera Code Error Fix
Shanekilz – Help with figuring out Speedrun Stuff
IndyTheGreat – Water texture fixes
Jeff – Past work on stuff
TheArcadeStriker – Dreamcast Conversion (past work)
RonnChyran – App Launcher based on BOIL (past work)
Yoyoyoshio – xBRZ Textures (past work), Feedback and Testing
Endri – Super Sonic in Action Stages (Past Work)
OldClassicGamer – Inspiration that got this project kicked off
Sonic Retro – Resource for SADX Modding


This patch is designed to only work for the Steam version and will not install unless you have a legitimate Steam version installed.


Need More Mods?

Here’s a few noteworthy places! Note that some of the mods on the below pages are actually included.

  1. MainMemory’s SADX Hacks[]
  2. SonicFreak94’s SADX Hacks[]
  3. GameBanana Modding Hub[]

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All information provided on this page comes directly from the Steam Page for the Better SADX mod and mod loader. This contents have been provided here for simple convenience. All questions and concerns should be directed to the steam page and community.

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