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AMPS in Sonic 3 & Knuckles


          AMPS in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is more or less what the title says: I’ve added AMPS to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. AMPS is a sound engine designed to have a lot of useful features, fix bugs and do it while being less demanding on the hardware. AMPS provides very clean sample playback on the Mega Drive, courtesy of the Dual PCM sample driver. AMPS is based on SMPS sound engines (Sonic games use different variations of SMPS), but improves upon them. AMPS is designed to be compatible with all different SMPS sound engines to a reasonable extent, so any music can be ported nearly perfectly! This ROM hack provides custom music edits on top of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic 3D sound tracks. In total, there are 95 music tracks in here! I spent a lot of time setting all this up, including some time spent actually working on the disassembly because of a few issues with it. A lot of this stuff is still work in progress, so expect sound issues and general bugs! For more ranting and raving about the project, see the text after credits.



  • AURORA☆FIELDS – The creator and main programmer behind AMPS, sound porting and other work.
  • Nat The Porcupine – Help with the documentation, hardware testing, sound porting and other work.
  • MarkeyJester – The creator of Dual PCM FlexEd, help with documentation for Sonic 1’s sound driver, helping with bug fixes, documentation, hardware testing, and creating the logo.
  • ValleyBell – Provided the code for underwater mode, and is the creator of SMPS Research Pack.
  • Vladikcomper – The creator of the error debugger used for AMPS, and for helping me learn about sound drivers.
  • LuigiXHero – Help with porting many new additions between branches.
  • Stardust Gear – Small additions and bug fixes.
  • ralakimus – Help with bug fixes.
  • FoxConED – Playtesting and suggestions, teaser video, hardware testing.
  • VAdaPEGA – MDDC screen art, suggestions and helping with documentation.
  • Hyper – Helping with documentation.
  • Selbi – Help with the documentation.
  • Ozaleto – Help with testing and documentation.
  • Kurk – Help with testing.
  • AkumaYin – Help with testing.
  • SEGA & Sonic Team – Original Sound-Source 68k driver that AMPS is based upon.

Sonic Metropolis Credits

Credit for this project goes to AURORA☆FIELDS and all contributors as mentioned above.

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