Like every other community, our community also has its rules and conditions which ensure a safe, friendly, and respectful environment. Breaking any rules can end with a warning, a single day or full week ban, or even a permanent ban. These rules are listed below.

§1. Any attempts to hack or damage our community will instantly end with a permanent ban. This includes ddos attacks, hijacking accounts and any similar kinds of traffic spammers as well. Legal consequences may also follow.

§2. Bots and software which do either automate any process, or try to analyse any data at Sonic Metropolis is forbidden, and will probably also end with a permanent ban.

§3. You will never ever share your account with anyone else. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and problems. If you think someone received access to your account, please report it immediately.

§4. Please make only one account. If you are unhappy with your nickname, the staff can change it upon request. We reserved the rights to delete the accounts without to inform the owner about this in such cases.

§5. You will never ever post anyone’s password, home address, phone number, or any other personal data here or in discord. We will strictly and harshly punish anyone for this, while a permanent ban would be the most forgiving result for this.

§6. Posting content here or at discord, which does either contains or refer to any material which is connected with : over the top violence, pornography, racism, disturbing or hateful content, suicide, or other over the top horror content is obviously forbidden. 

§7. Sonic Metropolis is not a place for social politics or anything else related to it. Our community is and will forever stay neutral to all kind of life styles, religions or cultures. This means anything which involves controversial politics, LGBT / LGBTQ+, over the top feminism or patriotism, and religion content is forbidden to post in the public at Sonic Metropolis, including our discord server.

§8. If you are using links, make sure that these are completely harmless for the user. That means the user should not get spam with adverts which are misleading, or be a single second in danger of getting any virus or attacked by other software.

§9. Staff members do have always a higher authority than the regular members of Sonic Metropolis. Please do not argue with them, and please comply with whatever they ask of you. However, if you think that the staff member is treating you wrong or unfairly, or is abusing his or her role, please contact the head administrator. Also, staff members will never ask for your private information.

§10. Spamming will be not tolerated no matter how or where its posted on our site and discord. Do not double post in comment sections [2 or more comments at once]. You can instead just edit your previous comment, before 15 minutes did pass.

§11. Trying to get access into any data structures of the server is strictly forbidden and will likely end with a ban. Legal consequences may follow in this case as well.

§12. Profile avatars should not contain any content of the listed material of §6 and §7. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use any real life images of others, but only yourself if you so choose.

§13. Do not post copyrighted material if the creator does not wish to share it anywhere else. If the owner does wish you to give credit for his work, please do so upon their request.

§14. Do not bully, threaten or seriously insult anyone. Treat everyone with respect at Sonic Metropolis. You do not need to accept or agree with that they do, you don’t need even to like them. But what we do expect from our community, is that people show each other respect.

§15. Do not post or spread fake news. When it is only a rumor or not confirmed by any official source, please mention this in your discussion or post before you publish it.

§16. Do not try to login in to other users’ accounts without their permission. Getting caught doing so, will lead to the deletion of your own account, and maybe more punishment.

§17. Making advertisements without asking for permission first is not allowed. You can request to make any by asking the staff first. This rule applies to site posts, comments and discord messages.

§18. Please use only the English language in comments, posts, and discussions here and at our discord server. Posts and messages which are written in other languages will be deleted.

Not all of these rules do have the same importance. Some are more important than others. And we know that rules are annoying, right ? But these do make sure that Sonic Metropolis will be always a welcoming and non-toxic community for everyone.

So please do take our rules seriously, we do show forgivness at many points, but depending on how bad the rule violation was, we may be forced to either ban your profile for some period of time, or even delete it.

Keep mind that Sonic Metropolis has the right to edit or add rules at any time. Which will be afterwards either mentioned officially in the home or news section.