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Hey guys, Blu here.
Our newest post editor is now available, the “Dash Editor“.
This editor should give people the possibility to be creative and make own public posts about Sonic and everything related to it. If you see a widget on the site called “Post Manager”, then you have the required user role at Metropolis to finally start posting content! When not, you either are not logged in, or you did not request the permission for this editor yet.
(Log first in, and read then the info under the widget “Post Manager”).

News, artwork, events, fan theories, fan fictions, reviews and more! You can post all this here at Metropolis now! There are no limitations concerning what you can post or not, as long as it doesn’t go against our official guidelines obviously, and it should be connected to Sonic or Sega in some way. Beside this, we wont like to see people spamming posts which might give visitors of Metropolis thoughts that those might come from some little kids. Please try to keep posts structured and qualitative.

If you have any questions concerning the Dash Editor, you can feel free to contact me at discord for more information (Check the “Discord” page out).

I hope you enjoy this new feature of Metropolis, and will have fun posting stuff to the world!

The Dash Editor is based on the “Rich Text Editor”, which means that the same keyboard shortcuts can be used for the Dash Editor as well, such as [Shift + Enter] to insert a line break. Furthermore, for the most optional thumbnail quality, please us images with the scale of 700 x 400 px or above. Images under this scale, will be automatically scaled up, which leads to a very bad looking thumbnail as result.

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