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Latest adminstrator news

Sonic Metropolis v.2.0.7 is online!

It took once again some time, but here we are with a new version of Sonic Metropolis! This update had several improvements and changes. Here is the change log :

[Site Accounts] Account system reworked
[Site Accounts] Much friendlier user interface in form of widgets
[Site Accounts] Non-staff member can upload own avatars now
[Site Roles] Community Speaker removed from system
[Site] Guests can now like and dislike comments
[Staff] Tools for moderation and editing updated 
[Forum Accounts] All user roles have been reworked in term of rights
[Forum] Some threads removed / added / changed
[Site Widgets] Different widget layout for non-post sections
[Comment System] Some titles changed / added
[Wiki Index] Search option added
[Pages] Several pages updated
[Performance] Global site cache cleared
[Security] Security protocols updated for login

-01/07/2021 Blu [Site Update] [New Features] [Improved Stability & Performance]

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