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Developer HARDlight of the Sonic Forces mobile game: Sonic Forces Speed Battle responded to an fanmade survey about feedback and state of the game with relieving news. it was briefly believed that the game would slowly die down and would be shut down in the process. The developers mentioned exciting changes were on the way and that there is no plan of stopping the support for Sonic Forces mobile. So on the mobile side of things this is good news for Sonic fans airing at the beginning of this year.

Quote from Community Developer of HARDlight Nollie: ” I just want to reassure the community that there are absolutely no plans to stop supporting Sonic Forces Mobile. We have many exciting changes, updates and additions planned for this coming year and beyond! So please don’t worry for the future of the game – we’re not going anywhere “

Click Here for the tweet

Nollie’s Quote on their Discord
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Emerald Mentality

This is good news for the Sonic Forces Speed Battle community. I am curious on what kind of updates and changes they will provide. Will it be new characters and more events as in the past or maybe something completely new to the game? Either way it is good to hear.