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Its time for Sonic Frontiers news!

Today, the Sonic the Hedgehog media dropped a new trailer for Sonic Frontiers.

It features a presentation about the skill tree abilities starting with Horning attack, Stomp and the Drop Dash against normal enemies. The main ones can be upgraded recollecting orbs and experience ingame and unlock new abilities, such as Sonic Boom, Phantom Rush and Wild Rush against Guardians.

You can see the new trailer right here:


  • Sonic Frontiers release date on November 8, 2022.
  • Coming to all consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) and PC.
  • Digital Deluxe edition: Digital artwork and soundtrack, Amy’s memory tokens, Chaos Emerald vault keys, Portal Gear and additional gloves and shoes.

What do you think about new combat system? Let us know at comments or participate at Sonic Metropólis discord server.

Source: Sonic Official Media.

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