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On the current official side of things it still is very silent when it comes to what is next for a new main line Sonic game. SEGA still did not announce anything at this point. At unofficial side of things however, there are now new rumors and hints of an potential remaster (or port) of the game Sonic Colors titled “Sonic Colors Ultimate [Limited Edition]” listed to release for the platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The leaks came from an online game retailer Sogamely and from the portfolio of german dub studio iksample. Even tho the leaked info on Sogamely meanwhile disappeared and iksamples site currently being in maintance mode, there are a few recent articles made about this from more popular and more trustworthy game related news sites such as Eurogamer or PlayFront (in German). We’re excited if this eventually will come to reality.

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I have only played the ds version so I would love the wii version on switch!!!


well, will be very dissapointing so far if only a remaster is coming for the 30th anniversary, i hope Sega listen to the Sonic fans and bring us a deserved 30th Anniversary Sonic game.

Emerald Mentality

I still have yet to play Sonic Colors as it was an exclusive for the Wii and did not really have exposure to the game at the time of release.