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The world wide known Smash Bros. invitational Smash Ultimate Summit 3 for this year is now over. The globe looked at these hype offline matches from the various Pro PR Players from USA, Mexico and Japan.

One of the japanese legends that is the Sonic pro player KEN sadly was no real threat for his opponents from outside Japan.

It always is nice to see KEN compete outside from Japan since he is most likely the Sonic pro player everybody likes instead of hates (Yes it’s kind of true, there are even twitter meme pictures about it). KEN struggled in the mostly hard match-ups for example vs. Maister’s Mr. Game and Watch and Tweek’s insane Diddy Kong. Unfortunately means him ending on 13th place in the final bracket.

KEN is now on the way to France where the Smash (Super?-) Major (Super Major for EU for sure) Tournament called “Temple Hermes” will be held. I hope he will achieve a good result there.

ggs (fist bump)

KEN vs. Sparg0
Tweek vs. KEN
KEN on the mic after his win vs. Aaron
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