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In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sonic is able to do a number of specific combos with the help of his drag down forward aerial attack. These specific combos mostly work on low to mid percents only but are not super difficult to execute and are also working after fast falling from platforms into opponents. If you look for some stylin’ while doing percents and wanna add creativity in attacking in general then it’s worth labbing.

To start of Short hop in front of your opponent and do a forward aerial. while the fair is active hold the Control Stick down to land quicker



Right before Sonic and the opponent (which is caught in the fair) are ending to land press Dtilt


After that connected there are multiple ways to follow up from that Dtilt. 

Examples would be: F-smash, Ftilt, dash attack, run up Up-smash, run up Grab and more.

Today i wanna show you 5 Examples of this:

Enjoy and have fun labbing


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