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Staff Team Recruiting

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What is this here?
This is the official forum post for recruiting new Metropolis team member. This post will be always updated in case if something will change over the time. You are able to find here the latest news about our recruiting plans and diverse recruitment offers.

Sonic Metropolis?
So what exactly is Sonic Metropolis ? Before people start to join something, they need fully to realize what its all about here.
Sonic Metropolis is a Sonic The Hedgehog community project which was founded at the 7th September 2019 by Blu. We at Sonic Metropolis made our goal to become one of the best Sonic communities in the world, with the focus of ours to stay as loyal as possible to canon content, which means we will give our best not to mix the from us analysed canon content with not canon one. Furthermore we want to bring the Sonic fandom closer together, and create a place in the internet where every Sonic fan is welcomed no matter what opinions, preferences or views they have to certain Sonic content. Meet new people here and win eventually new friends, or do simply enjoy our delay posts about news or other stuff.

What features does Sonic Metropolis have?
We here at Sonic Metropolis try to stay as open as possible to new ideas and features, which will bring the Sonic community more close together. What we have to offer right now is a fully structured news posting system, which allows staff members to post about anything they want! Furthermore staff members can promote regular user to advanced user, which gives them the opportunity to use our "Light Editor" a editor for the community to post their very own Sonic content at our site. Beside this all, we have also our very own wiki and our music section [which is updated every week] where you can browse through our official info pages and learn more about Sonic and his Universe, or listen to cool soundtracks from the games and series. And it still doesn't end here with the features, we do also offer the people to ask the characters them self from the Sonic Universe! Our staff members are specialist about representing canon characters. Its a tradition here that every staff member is one canon character in our community. So if you ever have any questions about anything in the Sonic Universe, feel free simply to ask them, because we make this possible! And at the very last, we have the forum here of course. Use it like you want! Have interesting discussions here, do share artwork, or meet simply new friends and enjoy your time here.

What Advantages do you have as staff member here?
First of all whats important to mention, is that being a staff team member here, doesn't simply mean to work with some strangers at some projects. By joining our little crazy gang, you get automatically comrades who will help and support you at any problems you do encounter here. "All for one, one for all" This famous phrase does represent our team very well. Beside this, you will experience a lot of funny and strange moments here. Being a staff member doesn't mean to work here the whole time, no, in fact we do rather spend most of our time to enjoy each others present and having a good time. But when it does come to work, we are professionals, we are not to compare with something like self made chat- or social network groups. We are an Independent community, which goal it is to make one of the very best Sonic communities out there. By being one part of us, you will collect much experience when it does come to managing community related tasks and learn much more about planing and moderating which could even benefit your future life. And in case if you do ever encounter problems outside of the community, your team members will always cover your back and support you as good as possible, since we are Sonic Metropolis.

What we do expect from you
Sonic Metropolis does give staff members access to the site editor, diverse site tools and even user configurations. With being a staff member you will get a lot of responsibility, and this is one reason why we do expect the newcomer to be mature enough, so in our eyes you should be 18 years old at least. We do also of course expect you to be able to read, write and speak decent English of course. If we move on from the basics to the Sonic related knowledge now, we expect you to know a lot about it of course, means you should have more knowledge about Sonic and his Universe than the average Sonic fan. Furthermore it would be very welcomed if you would have already experience in writing documents / articles and in either chat moderation or community planning, but its also not too much of a problem if you don't have so. But what is really important to us, is that you have the passion for the Sonic franchise. Knowledge can be obtained, but the passion needs come from everyone self. We need people who are willing to spend time into this community, who do love the franchise, and who are ready to learn more if necessary.

How does your work look like here?
The very first thing what is important to mention is that you do work for the most of the time on your own here. If you are expecting just to follow orders here then you are completely wrong. Its necessary that you are able to work without needing always to wait for some orders from the higher authorities. Depending on what position you will get in the team, you will get your tasks which you are supposed to fulfill every week, but how and when you are doing them, is completely structured by you. You are for the most of the time your own boss. All what does matter to us are the results, how you manage to get them, is your choice. Also, we do assure you, when we do talk about the weekly "work" or "tasks", in most cases those are things which can be probably done in only 1-2 hours for the most of the time, maybe a little bit longer sometimes, it just fully depends on how high you want to reach for the ranks in the community. Because it applies : The higher your role is, the more responsibility and work you will get.

Trial Phase?
Our community does offer many different roles you can have in the staff, such as moderator on the site or forum, post and news writer, event manager, wiki page author and more. But before you will get them, you will start as trial member. If you successfully passed our test, and convinced us to let you join our funny team. You will be for the first weeks just a trial member. With this role you wont get any special or weekly tasks at all. The sense of this is to put you in some position to give you a opportunity to learn more about us and our work. You will be just there and watch how things work, and of course when the staff asks you to do so, you will support them in any way as good as possible. After being a trial member for some weeks [Mostly its something about 3 weeks] you will have one more talk with the leader to discuss the future of your position in our community, and from then on you will be a full team member. Though we also need to inform you that factors like inactivity, bad behavior and lack of interest at our community, can lead to kicking the trial member out. Its all about the performance and the motivation you will show us in this phase.

And last but not least
Its important that you do not apply here for the rank, for some authority, for attention or simply because you are bored. We do want to reach something serious with this community one day. This here, is all about having fun, showing passion and interest at bringing people together for a good time. If you do love Sonic, if you love to meet new people and make new connections and if you would love to be a part of a group of people who are there for each other, then you are right here.


How many free positions do we have : 5

Important note :
Because of the heavy male-female ratio unbalance in our team we do search ONLY females right now. We hope you understand this, and in case if you still want to join, then please be patient and keep yourself informed with this post here. We will update this post here time by time, to keep you up to date with our latest recruitment news.

How to contact the team about recruiting
If you are interested into joining our team,
please do contact Blu at Discord [Blu#4276]
Other than that, you can contact Blu via mail [[email protected]]

If Blu does not response to your recruiting request, please do contact Saef
either at Discord [Saef#7328] or via mail [[email protected]]

I still have still have some questions...
In this case, feel also free to contact either Blu or Saef, or even the rest of the team.
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