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“Sonic – Project Hero” is a 3D Sonic Fan Game & custom, CLOSED SOURCE Framework, made for the Unity Game Engine and developed by me, Hero. “Sonic – Project Hero” aims to launch Sonic, Tails & Knuckles into, simply, a fun 3 dimensional adventure through various locales, to stop Dr. Eggman’s new scheme.
The game aims to introduce new and unique mechanics and mix-n’-match existing ones from the Sonic series, in order to create a fresh experience that’ll hopefully be fun to go through



You can use XBOX controller, Keyboard Bindings, or PS4 Dualshock. The game is currently built with just the Xbox-based control scheme in mind. Of course, you can assign your Dualshock inputs normally, but the different button order may cause inaccuracies in the
button/axis display of the controls menu. You might want to use DS4 Windows or some other Input Mapper for this one (sorry). Dualshock support is due in a later version, so don’t worry about it in the long-term.

Press F4 to cycle through the 5 song choices.


Click a Tab to view the character or Gameplay Style.


  1. Spin Dash-Press or hold RB button while not moving

  2. Drop Dash- while airborne, hold RB button until you hit the ground to instantly spin dash forward. It is exactly as it first appeared in Sonic Mania.

  3. Roll and Uncurl infinitely- Press and hold spin dash button to roll while running and release to resume running.

  4. Light Speed Dash (Along Rings Trail)- Press Y when near a trail of rings.

  5. Homing Attack- when near a target (enemy, item, bounce pad) press jump while airborne to perform a homing attack.

  6. Bounce Attack- Press X while in the air to bounce attack and gain height

  7. Short Hop (Bounce button while standing or running)

  8. Slide Kick-Press B button to slide kick

  9. Super Sonic- 50 rings and RT button for the ultimate power


  1. Flight- Control Tails as he flies in the air by pressing jump (A button) while airborne.

  2. Dash Flight- Double Tap Jump (A button) to dash forward at high speed while flying

  3. Spin Dash-Press or Hold RB Button while not moving.

  4. Roll and Uncurl infinitely- while running, press the spin dash button (RB button) to begin rolling and release to resume running.

  5. Swim underwater-Tails can swim out of water but he can not float on water like Knuckles.

  6. Remote Bomb- Press the X button on XBOX controller to launch a bomb and press again to detonate whenever you please.

  7. Tails Swipe-Press B button to instantly swipe both tails as an attack. Hold the b button while running to constantly tail swipe like in Sonic Adventure.

  8. Super Tails-50 rings and RT button.


  1. Spin Dash-Press or hold RB button while not moving

  2. Roll and Uncurl infinitely- Press and hold spin dash button to roll while running and release to resume running.

  3. Knuckles Dash- Press the b button to dash forward with fully extended knuckles to attack. When in the air, the attack acts as a homing attack.

  4. Punch Combo-Press X repeatedly to perform a punch combo

  5. Ground Slam- Press x while airborne to plummet to the ground with your knuckles.

  6. Glide- Jump and Press A button again to glide. You slowly descend but gliding into enemies always can destroy them.

  7. Climb - Glide into a wall to begin climbing. You can Spin dash on the wall as well.

  8. Float and Swim- Knuckles is the only one who can actually float along the surface of the water. However if you are already completely submerged you must get out completely first.

  9. Super Knuckles- 50 rings and RT button for extra oomph.

  1. Press F1 while using any character to use a hoverboard.

  2. Press and hold RB button while turning to charge a drift boost and release to boost forward.

  3. Press A Button to Jump.

  4. Using a hoverboard on water allows you hover and travel across but only if you are on the hoverboard before or as you touch the surface of the water.

  5. Hoverboard maintain speed enough to travel vertically up a wall but drift downward slightly if horizontal along a wall.

Creator's Credits

HUGE thanks to everyone who supports/supported this project! I would’ve never achieved what I have so far without you all!


  1. minty cups
  2. D the Hedgehog
  3. 「 D E R K 」
  4. sapphicSpadassin
  5. (Real)Cypher123
  6. Goalringmod27
  7. AzureBurst
  8. Ryboflavin
  9. Sir Giygas
  10. WizGenesis
  11. piggehperson
  12. Rishy
  13. Burst
  14. Geki
  15. spoon Scribble
  16. P3DR0
  17. Not So Greedy
  18. and more!
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