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Developed and lead by Chaos X

Sonic P-06, created by Argentinian programmer Ian Moris known as ChaosX is an unofficial remake of the 2006 3D game Sonic the Hedgehog. Currently two demos have been released. This project includes a grand overhaul of visuals, animations, textures, shading, and perhaps the most praised gameplay improvements from the original. For more information on the history behind the developer and the project, visit

DEMO 3 IS FINALLY HERE. “The third installment of Project ’06’s demos and officially the full release of Sonic’s Trial Campaign! The demo contains the stages Wave Ocean, Dusty Desert, White Acropolis, Crisis City, Flame Core, Radical Train, Tropical Jungle, Kingdom Valley, Aquatic Base & Tails’ Wave Ocean.” CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FROM THE CREATOR CHAOS X BELOW. 


  1. PHYSICS– Sonic P-06 delivers amazing physics to offer you the feeling you always wanted in 3D Sonic. SOnic and the cast control unlike before, fixing countless issues that plagued the official 2006 release.
  2. GEM System– Each gem power for Sonic shoes is as was intentionally designed. They are scattered amongst the 5 levels and each have different abilities. 
  3. New refined Character abilities and animations
  4. Due to this professional remake, the ranking system is harder than you remember but indeed accomplishable.
  5. Minor level tweaks to balance the flow.
  6. Momentum is here. Spin dashing into a jump maintains momentum just as in the classic and adventure games.
  7. Gem Power Up System– When in game, playing effectively powers up the gems you possess.
  8. Options Menu_ Allows players to change a variety of aspects such as changing the rolling animation from 06 to SA1, homing attack reticle, and loads of graphical aspects.
  9. Test Area- A playground of loops curves and more where you can experiment with each character and various obstacles found in the in-game levels.
  10. SIGNIFICANTLY Reduced Load Times
  1. Jump/Homing Attack – A button to jump and press A Button while airborne to perform a homing attack on enemies and certain items.
  2. Spin Dash – Hold X Button
  3. Spin Kick – Press B button while stationary or running
  4. Slide – Hold B button while moving
  5. Light Speed Dash – Y button when near a trail of rings
  6. Bounce Attack  – repeatedly press x button in air to do bounce attacks and gain more height
  7. Super Speed Controls (Mach Section)
    1. Jump – A button
    2. Bounce (NEW) – X Button
    3. Brake (NEW) – B Button
    4. Light Dash – Y Button
  8. Gem Powers
    1. Green Gem – create a tornado that behaves as an attack
    2. Red Gem – Slow down time
    3. Blue Gem – burst of mach speed
    4. White Gem – powered up homing attack that lets you float and aim and has potential to destroy some enemies with one blow who normally require more than 1 homing attack
    5. Sky Gem – dash  to the spot where the gem is thrown. (Includes aiming reticle)
    6. Yellow Gem – Attract nearby rings for a time.
    7. Purple Gem – Gain a second jump while shrinking in size.
    8. Rainbow Gem – Get an S rank on all stages to spawn the Rainbow Gem. Once located and obtained, gather 50 rings and press Rb to go super sonic.
  1. Jump/Fly – A button to jump, press again to begin flying and to maintain altitude
  2. Dummy Ring Bomb/Snipe/Blitz – Press X button to launch dummy rings, hold x to aim using a reticle.
  3. Tail Swipe (NEW) – B Button 
  1. Jump/Levitate/Teleport Dash – A button to jump. Press and hold A button while airborne to levitate and move around while flying. Double tap A button on the ground to teleport dash.
  2. Psycho Smash/Psycho Shock/Throw Objects – Press X button to shock enemies or throw enemies you have grabbed. Double tap x while holding enemies or items to launch them all at once.
  3. Psychokinesis/Grab All – Press Right Trigger when near certain objects and stunned enemies to grab them. Quickly tap the button to grab all nearby objects and stunned enemies.
  4. Psychic Shot (NEW) – B Button
  1. Jump/Glide – Press A button to jump and again to glide around. (You will slowly descend while you gliding.
  2. Combo/Quake – Press X button twice to start a combo and press one of the following on the 3rd press to finish the combo :
    1. Maximum Heat Knuckle – X Button
    2. Lunge Charge (NEW) – B Button
    3. Crimson Uppercut (NEW) – Y Button
  3. Screwdriver (NEW) – Press B button. Press and hold for more launching power and distance.
  4. Ground Slam  – Jump and press X button to pummel to the ground and stun nearby enemies.

Input Mappings

IMPORTANT: Resetting the registry settings of the project will make sure to reset the input mappings to their default settings.

Supported controllers = Xbox 360 and XBOX One
Keyboard mapping (based on the Xbox 360 layout) = :

  1. Start = Return
  2. Back = Backspace
  3. Left Stick = Direction Arrows
  4. Right Stick = W – S – A – D
  5. D-Pad = G – B – V – N
  6. A Button = Space
  7. X Button = Z
  8. B Button = X
  9. Y Button = C
  10. Triggers = Left (Left Shift) – Right (Right Shift)
  11. Bumpers = Left (Q) – Right (E)

Creator Credits

Project leader & developer 
ChaosX (most of the game’s development area)


  1. BeatZ (model rigs, HD texture enhancement, new UI assets, suggestions, major beta testing)
  2. Gotta Play Fast (model edits and improvements, suggestions, major beta testing)
  3. Volcano the Bat (assets supply, reverse engineering info, major suggestions, beta testing)

Special Thanks

  1. Wiz Genesis (coding support, beta testing)
  2. Hero (beta testing)
  3. Sajid (early project advertising, 06Lib info support)
  4. LuRodSil (previous coding help and support)
  5. DaGuAr (new E3 UI stage name assets)
  6. HyperPolygon64 (E3 UI life icon assets, MST tool support)
  7. KnuxFan24 (06 Object Research repo, MST tool support)
  8. Thomas James Baker (providing research on the unused voice clips, minimal texture work)
  9. Acro (beta testing, persistent bug reporter, best person)
  10. BrianuuuSonic (idea behind kingdom valley’s cutscene)

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for the fan game remake goes to ChaosX as well as the additional support from the people listed above in Creator’s Credits. Feel free to comment on your experience with the game. 

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Lord Apollo

any chance we could have the trial of love affect the story or gameplay in a small way? like maybe choosing Elise makes her carry on missions easier or something? idk just an idea. everytime i get to the trial of love my instincts tell me the developers wanted it to matter somehow.