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Sonic Network World (Sonic Network Land 2) is the biggest 2D online multiplayer ( MMORPG? ) Sonic fan game yet to come out. It’s a sequel to our previous Sonic online fangame, Sonic Network Land, but much more polished. **The game is still in its early build and still has plenty of bugs. There is more changes to come for the fan game.


There are 9 current playable characters. You can switch between them mid-level. 

Character abilities tend to be as expected for the respective character, however Eggman does possess the ability to dash forward instantly and hover with extended jumps.


Other Features

  1. Option to login as a guest or with email.
  2. Controller/Keyboard button mapping is available
  3. Join different Legions (lobbies) to compete, explore zones, or test characters.




Game Maker: Studio

Published On: 

October 12, 2019

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for the goes to the development team as listed below and provided in-game. Feel free to comment on your experience with the game. To keep up with updates as released or find other information, visit https://electroblock.weebly.com/sonic-network-world-spec-ii.html. 

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