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BY NotSoGreedy

This is the release of the finally complete Sonic GT, we have 4 Huge levels, more than 3 Unique characters, a fully Voice Acted Story, Secrets, Combo system, Ranks, Challenges you name it.

I hope you like it, it took me 2 years to get everything to this point and a lot of blood sweat and tears from everybody involved.


Game    (1.15GB)


Visit the Link below to view the changelog for the latest update.

Creator's Credits

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for this fan game goes to NotSoGreedy and the large team credited by the author. 

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So, played it finally, wasn’t dissapointed. I played already earlier versions of GT and liked it even before, but the final version overcame every my expectations. Though, of course, some things i didn’t like. Plot is nice. It is not heavy, exactly suitable for such game. It makes it job as a motivator to a characters, and it’s just cute. Dialogs are niiiiiice. Shadow’s cameo and dialog with him is golden. Though, i REALLY don’t like how Sonic is represented. He is cocky, he doesn’t like anyone (can’t remember, he ever talked to someone as he does to Shadow for… Read more »