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Episode 1 Playable Preview

A Unique 3D episodic take on the widely known creepypasta “Sonic.EXE”, fortified with a reimagined story, eery ambiguous environments, intriguing conundrums and so much more

” I couldn’t utter a single word.
I could feel the excruciating desire to scream and unleash my utmost bewilderment..
But I just couldn’t.
I feel like an empty shell, driven by the malicious hands of the unknown, strangled in the depths of a chasm of hopelessness. “

What is available for now to play is a playable preview that gives you a smell of what type of madness Sonic.EXE: The Assault embodies, and gives us the opportunity to know what’s right and what’s wrong before getting even further in development, so please don’t hesitate to endow us with your feedback, ideas, suggestions on the game. Our social media is at your service.

(Best played with Mouse and Keyboard)

  1. W.A.S.D or Arrow:Player Movement
  2. Left Shit: Sprint
  3. Space Bar: Action Button
  4. F: Turn on/off Flashlight
  5. Right Mouse Click: Zoom in/out
  6. Hold The mouse wheel: Fill your stamina when possible

(Controls can be changed to your liking in the input tab of the Launcher configuration window when you first open the game)

Development is currently on hold due to us having school responsibilities, serious hardware limitations and financial problems.
The true vision for this project may sadly take a while to fully unfold.
Any kind of support and the least of donations may make a difference. Thankyou so much for your continuous support and we hope you understand!


Copyright worries: Sonic The Hedgehog and related material are a property of SEGA & Sonic Team who confirmed more than once that they’re fine with Sonic fangames and encouraged fans for it. A little research on the matter could get you covered with all details you need 😉 Thanks!
Why are you wasting your time with non profitable projects? As a highschool student who is totally passionate about this artistic field and thrilled to learn about game development and gain experience from as a hobby, a fangame made for fun and experimentation fully suited my time and will. The lessons learnt are countless and experience had was priceless. A perfect preparation for the serious and completely original ambitions of the future! I do me, you do you!


  • Seif Islem Messaoudi (A.K.A TheTunisianSonicFan)

Level Designer

  • Seif Islem Messaoudi

3D Modelers

  • Seif Islem Messaoudi

  • Ahmed Amine Chemli


  • Seif Islem Messaoudi

Marketing Chief

  • Abdel Baset Mrabet

Voice Actors

  • Sonic.EXE : Andrew Van Der Voort

  • Kevin (Protagonist) : Psnyomi133

  • Silver.EXE : Megapi Central

  • Crane : Kyle Gill

Game Soundtrack

  • Med Amine Messaoudi

  • Seif Islem Messaoudi
    The Kintobor Feeling: RED BAMBOO LEAF

Logo Design

  • SlimPlay

Special Thanks

  • Indie Games Association

  • Gamers & Geeks

  • Megapi Central

Please guys help us, spread the word and share the project with your friends. We appreciate all of these kind acts 🙂
Thank you Very Much!

All credit for this ambitious fan game goes to TheTunisianSonicFan and the Team of people listed above. Prepare to be spooked, I mean, thrilled by this rare fangame.

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