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Sonic: Before the Sequel

by Lake Feperd


Sonic: Before the Sequel is a fan game that takes place before the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The game was first released in 2011 and saw a re-release alongside the 2nd beta version of Sonic: After the Sequel for SAGE 2012. It was developed by Felipe Daneluz, also known as LakeFeperd, with a soundtrack composed by Falk, KgZ, Andy Tunstall, and Funk Fiction.


Following the events of Sonic the Hedghog 1, the Chaos Emeralds scatter and Sonic is teleported to Hilltop Heights. After spotting a nearly complete Death Egg, he makes haste to prevent its launch. Upon ending one of his battles with the Doctor, Sonic heads to Star Shore Zone. Here, Tails is found to be investigating a Moto Bug that seemed to be sleep. As he attempts to touch it, the machine awakens and prepares to attack Tails. Sonic steps in and destroys the Badnik and quickly heads off. In awe, Tails sets out to follow Sonic. While tailing him, Tails encounters another robot and is able to defeat successfully defeat it alone. After some time, Sonic sense he is being followed to and turns to find Tails. He tries to run away, but Tails flies to the platform the hedgehog dashed to. In his efforts to escape, Sonic jumps into the water but before Tails can follow him, he is captured by a flying capsule. Once again, the two meet up; Sonic allows Tails to tag along. As they confront Dr. Eggman, Tails gets knocked off a platform. SOnic is unable to catch him in time, and Tails falls into a sea of clouds nearby. He learns how to use his tails to increase his speed. He fights orb robot for the final time, destroying it. Meanwhile, Sonic battles a body armored Eggman. Before the final phase of the fight, the 7th and final chaos emerald appears, enabling Sonic to transform into Super Sonic. He defeats the Doctor, but loses power and begins to fall from the sky. Before impact, Tails rushes in and swoops Sonic with the Tornado, Sonic’s biplane. They safely arrive on Emerald Hill where the events of Sonic 2 begin.


General gameplay resembles that of the SEGA Genesis games. Sonic possess the spin dash and super peel out abilities, however his peel out is not the figure 8 form as in Sonic CD. Tails is able to fly similar to Sonic 3. Each zone has 3 acts with a boss serving as the 3rd act. Sonic and Tails can both access bonus levels at the end of Act 3 but they only get you more lives. A unique gameplay element in Sonic: Before the Sequel are Time Points, which determine the ending you receive at the end of the game. Completing the game in under 2 hours lets you fight a bonus boss and receive the good ending. Not completing it in under 2 hours results in the bad ending.


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A beautiful game. The soundtrack, the stages, different gameplay as Sonic and Tails – one of the best fan games i played.