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By ChaosX

            Sonic P-06, created by Argentinian programmer Ian Moris known as ChaosX is an unofficial remake of the 2006 3D game Sonic the Hedgehog. Currently two demos have been released. This project includes a grand overhaul of visuals, animations, textures, shading, and perhaps the most praised gameplay improvements from the original. For more information on the history behind the developer and the project, visit

The 2nd installment of the episodic release brings playable Shadow and his Trial Campaign, as well as enhancements to Sonic and his campaign. This release contains the stages every stage available in Shadow’s and Sonic’s story.

Visit the Description section of the release Youtube video from ChaosX at–sJ1Gxc


visit the links provided by ChaosX.

Visit Sonic P-06 Post for Gameplay Info regarding previous additions such as Sonic’s campaign.

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I love the game already by playing a little bit of Sonic and Shadow’s part, however there’s this nitpick that could be fixed. As I was about to play the game with the controller, the camera suddenly goes facing up, then when I tried moving forwards or backwards, it doesn’t let me. Hope it gets fixed, but at least I get to play with the keybaord.


What all do I need to download to play this


just wanted to say thank you for making this, i really like the orgianlly sonic 06 even though its the most hated, its my child hood classic and this just makes it even better, but when do you think you will add silver or other content?


We’re not the creators of the fangame, it is made by ChaosX. Here’s the link to his YouTube:–sJ1Gxc&ab_channel=ChaosX


Is this safe to download?


Things are looking good I appreciate the input.