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Shipping, one of the most controversial topics in the Sonic fandom…

The community itself is very divided thanks to all these “shipping wars”. Even in the heat of these wars, sometimes you’ve just got to sit there and ask yourself: what is the point of this!?

All jokes aside, let’s dive deep into what’s what!

(I will be focusing purely on SonAmy vs. SonAlly for the most part, but I will mention other ships too here and there.)

To be honest, I don’t know when this whole ship thing started. I believe it had a very slow beginning.

It was so common to see in the media and how long of a way it has come. It would mostly start from the games, and the shows. First thing we’re going to talk about would be Sonic SATAM. Which definitely was the start for slightly older audiences. Sonic and Sally’s relationship was prominent in the show, as well as the Archie comics at the time. I don’t think people knew what shipping was at the time, but they definitely know that Sonally was a big thing. They acted romantic and it sounded like they cared for each other, which probably registered for the audience like “Ah, they’re super cute together! I like them as a couple.”

However, let’s take a look at the more modern side of things! Sonic X. I personally think that this show was probably the beginning of the end for everybody. Mainly between Amy and Sonic. There were so many moments between them that the people were so into it, like this would be the ‘IT’ couple. There were instances of this pairing in CD, since Amy appeared in the game, not Sally. Those two may have even started a bit earlier, albeit intensifying as the show began to air. The ‘younger’ audience would start to be influenced by this more because Sonic X had so much popularity over SATAM…

Later on, it would progress into videos on YouTube. I remember at a young age I would see plenty of ‘Sonally AMV’ or SonAmy AMV’. I’d even see the occasional ‘Sonadow AMV’ and ‘ShadAmy AMV’.

And that’s why I think that’s where it really started to kick off. Those videos definitely started to fuel the fire of shipping. It was already a thing with the comics and shows…

But it’s definitely the spark that lighted the fire.

Now, I have already mentioned the comics but I want to mention a specific scene that had started the true war between two harmless ships. 

Now, if you know, you know. But if you don’t, it was the one comic issue where Sally slaps Sonic for his disappearance. 

Issue 134 (“The Slap”)  was released in 2004. It did not pick up popularity until the internet was really booming, which was in later years. Not only did this paint Sally as the big bad villainess, but it boosted SonAmy’s role significantly. Do you ever wonder why fanfictions have Sally as the villain? That’s your definitive answer. Because people began to see her as this crazed, jealous, entitled princess. All because of one comic panel that generally seemed to be misunderstood…

Deviantart and Youtube were the grounds for absolute war between those two ships. You couldn’t watch a SonAlly video without someone mentioning SonAmy in the comments section and vise versa. Arguments always happen there.

My opinion on this is iffy. I say you ship whatever you so please, as long as it’s legal and healthy. Regarding the “major” ship war between SonAmy and SonAlly, I personally love Sally and I also love Amy, but that’s simply for another time! 

Anyways, shipping today has calmed down for the most part. There are barely any active ‘hate’ groups on deviantart and there are barely any AMVS for either ship today. Unless you look hard, you will not find them. (Actually, I take that back. It seems like they’re still doing them to this day! Strange.) The only exception are those fanfictions, which I disapprove of….

Sonic Shipping is probably one of the most confusing and lore infested things that this fandom has ever had.

There is much more to explore!

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