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This is the first post of Fan Highlight. A series where sonic fans who did extraordinary things will be highlighted.

Bobby is just like me a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books made by Archie. Just like me she knows that the Archie comic books are not the easiest thing to get into. Mainly due to the enormous number of issues (250+ issues). Where should one start? My recommendation would be at issue 160. This is at a soft reboot where the quality only starts to rise in my opinion.

But what if you still like to know what happened in those issues before 160? Then I would highly recommend the blog of Bobby. She has posted funny posts and stories about each issues until issue 188. It is still a work in progress and she shows no signs of stopping either.
Some might ask why her blog is called “Thanks, Ken Penders”, this is Ken Penders was an infamous writer and artist for the Sonic Archie comic books until the issue 160. He was famous for the wrong reasons. But Bobbies blog can explain it better than me.

Here are some highlights of her blog. The examples go back and forth between before issue 160 and after to show also the difference in quality between before and after issue 160:

Issue 171: I also love a grumpy Shadow face.

Issue 113: Bobby I also don’t know how this issue was printed in a state like this.

Issue 186: Bobby’s summaries are the best. They bring us right up to speed.

Issue 37: Monster hands!!!!

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