This our official event page. You can find here all the information you need to know about the upcomming events of us or the community. Right now we make for usually for most of the time Team Sonic Racing events, though we offer not only game related events but all other kind of events as well.

Team Sonic Racing & Sonic transformed events

Team Sonic Racing lobbyTeam Sonic RacingMarch 18, 20232pm USA EAST time/ 6pm UK time
Alej8s Tourney 2023 #2Sonic TransformedMarch 26, 20232pm USA EAST time/ 7pm UK time
Team Sonic Racing lobby 2Team Sonic RacingApril 1, 20232pm USA EAST time/ 7pm UK time

Custom Events


Events are mainly managed by our Metropolis Event Ranger. So if you have any questions about certain events, or if you want to request an entry into our custom events, do always contact them first. We will support you with your event ideas as long as this event does follow our conditions and rules. It doesnt need necessary always be combined with Sonic, but its welcomed if its so.


Game: Team Sonic Racing / Sonic Transformed.

Platform: PC

Group: Team Sonic Racing Tournaments Group.

Link of events:

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Current Tournament Champions

Alej8s SASRT Tourney 2023 #1 - February 26, 2023