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To keep our website even more alive with Sonic content, it has been decided to start voting out of 5 topics and then create posts about that certain topic for each week.

The voting is currently held at the Sonic Metropolis discord server in the text chat “topic of the week” All you have to do is react with the Letter of A)-E):

As you can see in the example picture above E) is this week’s Topic of the week. Team Members as well as Community Members can and have to post about this Topic. These can be as creative and opinion based as you please as long rules are being followed.

With that said thank you and have fun.

(DANNICS) TOPIC OF THE WEEK #2 – Eggman, enemy or friend?

Dr. Eggman is out of the question canonically the evil plotter in most Sonic Games and Stories. Yet there have been moments and situations where Eggman shows he would never be a sole pure Enemy for Sonic or his friends since that would mean that he would to the darkest, out of hatred want him well… gone. Eggman always wants to beat Sonic, conquer the world and create Eggmanland. Beating Sonic doesn’t necessarily mean that he sees himself as his worst enemy because worst enemies would hate Sonic and everything about Sonic to the deepest. In Sonic Lost World for example he saves Sonic from directly falling into Lava, yes kind off the link it to his end scheme but a sole sonic hating enemy would rather throw him themselfs down the Lava instead of grabing even on to him.

Also there is many many dialogue of them just being more like eternal rivals trash talking and so on. Real enemys wouldn’t even get to that part, it would immediatley come to angerous actions.

None the less in my opinion it is not an easy question to answer. It also depends a little bit on how you define the status being an enemy or what actions show that someone is somebodys enemy.

I’m gonna say Eggman is in actions he does for achieving goals like building Eggmanland, evil and an enemy in the Sonic Universe but is less directly an enemy to character relationships. More like an deep rival to the most.

Do you agree or have an different take on the topic of the week? please let us know by getting started to create your topic of the week comment/post now.


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