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The main villain of the franchise, currently treated as a joke.

I do believe Eggman is and will always be the enemy. We can clearly see how his egocentrism is what makes him destroy what he is unable to control, this doesn’t mean he is one of Sonic’s friends. He may be on his side for a brief moment, but this is only to prevent the ruination of the world he wants to rule.

What would be left for him to conquer if he didn’t aid to stop Perfect Chaos, the Finalhazard, Neo Metal Sonic, etc?

Let’s not forget how he is trying to constantly put his face on everything, destroying nature and using god-level forces to get rid of the blue hedgehog and be the one and only master of every living creature. Let’s not confuse a comical character with being friendly.

It is quite obvious that the 300 IQ Dr. Eggman Ivo Robotnik is not a friend 😅

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