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We all need to agree that the music made for the franchise is marvelous. Everyone has a favorite song! I’m gonna name (what I think it is) the three most iconic songs known by fans and non-fans.

We can’t help to think about “Green Hill Zone Act 1” immediately. An iconic game soundtrack from all gaming history and the tunes that were the beginning of the blue hedgehog in consoles.

What about “Gotta go fast.” A lot of people have heard this song because of the Sonic X series and the tons of memes of course xD! The lyrics are very fitting for the speedster.

Sonic Adventure 2 is a very special game along with its songs. “Escape from the City” is super catchy and cool, I think it has been heard a lot more than my preferred song from this game: “Live and Learn.”

Personally… I will always love “Endless possibilities.” The lyrics are truly inspiring to me 🥰

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