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Welcome to a new Post format here on our website which will kick off from now on:      TOPIC OF THE WEEK

To keep our website even more alive with Sonic content, it has been decided to start voting out of 5 topics and then create posts about that certain topic for each week.

The voting is currently held at the Sonic Metropolis discord server in the text chat “topic of the week” All you have to do is react with the Letter of A)-E):

As you can see in the example picture above C) is this week’s Topic of the week. Team Members as well as Community Members can and have to post about these Topics. These can be as creative and opinion based as you please as long rules are being followed.

With that said thank you and have fun.

(DANNICS) TOPIC OF THE WEEK #1 – Most iconic official soundtrack about Sonic

Hoo boi! As long Sonic the Hedgehog exists there is no doubt from anyone ever that Sega & Sonic Team very often delivers real masterpieces in terms of Sonic soundtracks. Even my Metropolis Site Character Jet the Hawk knows about that.

Jet the Hawk: haaw! iconic you say!? Babylon Riders OST all day long man. “Catch Me If you can”….huh?… you said iconic sountracks about SONIC? ahh always it’s about that hedgehog…

Ok i have to admit that he has iconic tracks and OST albums. I’m pretty sure none of you slow riders can deny that everyone knows how iconic the tracks: “Live and Learn” “Escape from the City” and even “Green Hill Zone Act 1” are, am i right? yes i am!

In terms of full albums there it is a little more difficult but the Sonic Adventure, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic & the Black Knight, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Mania OSTs have to be at least acknowledged as iconic or widely known. Ok thats it from me back to racing in the Babylon Garden hahaw!

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