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in the Beginning of Sonic’s History all the Way back in 1991 the Story was Very simplistic in Nature, Sonic the Hedgehog has to stop Dr.Robotnik From taking over South Island and turning it’s inhabitants into Robots. And Eventually taking over the world. Sonic Also has to collect 6 Chaos Emeralds a small detail that didn’t hold too much relevance for now atleast. Fast forward to Sonic 2 and we get a similar storyline but with extra lore to back up the Mysterious Gemstones giving us a glimpse of what would become the Echidnas and stating that the Gods (Never Specified or explained) Possibly Created AND Sealed the Emeralds away (info from the JP Sonic 2 Manual) a 7th Emerald was added aswell which becomes a “permanent” detail in every game with Very few exceptions Sonic CD showed up the Concept of Little Planet aswell as re-adapting a Sonic Manga character into Amy Rose or Rosy the Rascal. Then we have Sonic 3 which gives us a Nice look at angel Island & Knuckles before that gets properly explained in SA1 where the Storyline gets much deeper with different POVs From the characters. a more serious plotline detailing the destruction of the Echidna Clan And the Aftermath of that with Chaos Breaking out of his Seal.


Ill cut some stuff short but after this we got plently of New And interesting lore with some great Worldbuilding coming From SA2, Deeper concepts involving shadow and his purpose,the concept of death being Explored with Maria and Shadow himself (atleast for that period),then we get Heroes who Re-Adapts some classic characters like the Chaotix into the Modern era,explore metal Sonic’s character more,etc The list Goes on and on And ON AGAIN- More Serious And dark plot with the Shadow Game, Interesting storyline that got ruined by bad and rushed Development with 06,Amazing Worldbuilding From Unleashed,The Rush Games giving us a glimpse at another dimension,Exploring New alien races with Colors,Expanding time travel with Generations,then forces with dimensional travel & altering of reality and the list gets even Bigger If you include the Comics & Cartoons- And im getting tired but it’s Very exciting so let’s get to the Next topic.


This Topic is Mainly my opinion but ill TRY to be rational here, let’s start with my own History with Sonic Lore I only started get interested in Sonic’s Deeper lore when my teenage years kicked in and i realized the franchise has alot more to offer aside From Fun Gameplay And From there on i started Researching about It getting curious and fascinated with every new piece of info & lore. Eventually this excitement lead me to create my own Story but this isn’t Just about me so let’s move on to the REST of the Fanbase Once again From my experience Ive seen a decent amount of people who are deeply interested in Sonic Lore but more often than not i bump into fans who only know surface level plotlines and don’t think much about It either because they don’t really Care that much about the story or they Just don’t wanna research. It can be quite frustrating but it’s the reality Other examples are younger fans who only know the VERY basics which can be annoying teaching them How everything Works without getting them annoyed but again thats Just reality However as Ive Stated before there still plently of fans who like and research the lore And are Just as fascinated with It as i am and i can’t wait to see more of them showing up in the coming years.


Sega unfortunately dosen’t handles their lore And writing that well in recent years as there have been light retcons,changes in story that don’t make much sense & stupid character personality alterations for some reason Examples i can bring up are suddenly changing Classic Sonic From a Past character to an alternate dimension past or wathever,the complete lack of Recognition for other Sonic plotlines even If they Were not retconned yet such as Unleashed And Possibly the Storybook games and some de-characterization such as Shadow the Hedgehog in IDW And Boom (in the latter’s case it’s an alternate Universe But still quite frustrating And no im not talking about the Android in the games im talking about the real one in the cartoon) where he basically becomes vegeta From dragon ball being overly cocky and wanting to solve things by himself. Which reminder Vegeta while still having his pride has evolved WAY past that in recent years so why did Shadow have to turn into a carbon copy of Old Vegeta?


in conclusion the Sonic Lore is great for expanding one’s interested for the franchise as shown by many fans who like Researching it’s lore such as me and a few others. Some newer fans don’t seem to Care about It as much but Thats normal as not everyone has the same Interests within a franchise. Interesting Fan Stories can be Created with Said lore or Re-Adaptions of It and finally SEGA should work harder in keeping their lore consistant before It becomes a hot mess like archie unfortunately turned into in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Era.

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