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Sonic Metropolis Is looking for newcomers!

Our web community has had its lows and highs in the past, but we have always managed to overcome any problem in order to learn from issues and to grow in what we love to do. The reason why we’ve come so far is because of our team. Without a team, there would be no content, no updates, no events, nothing. It’s the team behind Metropolis who keeps the site up to date with fresh content and much more, giving the website and the community the heart it needs to keep Sonic Metropolis alive.

Times do change, and people will join and leave the team Metropolis because of many different reasons. And because of that, there will always be an opportunity for you to become a part of us, the team.

If you are seeking for a way to share your passion for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise with other people and the rest of the internet, then Sonic Metropolis might offer you just the right position you are looking for.

What possibilities & benefits do i have as staff member?

Becoming a part of our team will give you the chance to become more relevant to the Sonic franchise, since you won’t be just some consumer, fan of Sonic media, or SEGAs products, but you will be instead become a real voice in the community, telling the internet what you have on your mind, sharing it to the whole world through our website!

You will have access to modern posting editors, which will allow you to create and manage high quality posts. But the best part about all this, is that you are free to post about whatever you’d like, as long as it’s connected to the Sonic franchise somehow.

Beyond that, as team members of Sonic Metropolis, it’s our tradition to represent our beloved Sonic characters. You will have the prestige to actually become a character here on this site, answer questions regarding this character, and represent them always if necessary.

Finally, the best thing about becoming a Metropolis staff member, is to be a part of something which has a future. Metropolis has grown massively in just a small amount of years, and it still does. Being a part of the team means to experience all kinds of stuff together. We will face problems and challenges, but also enjoy times where the hype for Sonic is strong together. At the end of the day, we are just a group who love the franchise in each other’s own way.

Personality, Experience & Conditions

To make things clear right from the start, I put characteristics over experience or knowledge. In my opinion, everyone can learn anything if they really want to. I will take anyone into my team who is friendly, respectful, and motivated to learn and do stuff even when they have absolutely no experience at writing posts or publishing content, rather than people who do know a lot about making news posts or web administration, but are unfriendly, irresponsible, or just lazy.

Being a staff member at Metropolis is not hard at all, it’s even the opposite, it’s quite easy. There will never be a guy who is running after you to check every single detail of what you’re doing. Every staff member of Metropolis has full freedom of how to manage their own schedule. As long as they do their job, I do not care how or when they did it.

All I want to see is that my team does their job. We need people we can trust and rely on. And you need never to worry about being alone, since the team will be always there to support you if you need help with something.

There are no real requirements you need to bring with you, other than just to be at least 18 years old and to have at least decent English speaking skills. In fact, I want to motivate all the people who are interested in our web community, to give it a shot and apply here. As long as you’re someone who doesn’t get offended by some joke or opinion, someone who is really interested in the Sonic franchise and motivated to actually achieve something here, your chances will be high to become apart of the team!

How to behave as staff member?

As part of the Metropolis staff, we do carry a specific amount of responsibility about how we represent ourselves in the public. We are professionals and we would like to keep this reputation of ours. So each time a staff member does talk to the community in their role, they represent Metropolis, which they should keep in mind.

Staff members will also never threaten or bully anyone. We always try to be friendly and tolerant to other people’s opinions and views, even when we disagree with them. We also should be capable of dealing with criticism, no matter if it’s positive or negative.

Beyond such obvious basics, a Metropolis team member must be ready to represent his chosen character not only on the website, but anywhere else, if needed or asked for. Being a character of Metropolis is an official and symbolic concept, since we the staff are responsible to give the people a clear vision of how Metropolis is showcasing the characters in their personality and behavior. This also means we should always represent the characters in such a way, that it makes sense. What does not make sense to us is when out of the blue, the team member decides to represent their character by changing basic and obvious characteristics, preferences, or other properties of the character. Metropolis has defined its own canon lore which can be looked up at our Chronological Timeline. This means the Metropolis staff should orientate their representation of their characters to fit the aftermath of what happened in our timeline.

Metropolis Roles we are looking for

Metropolis Courier [Normal & Group Leader]

This position is our most default and yet one of the most important roles at Metropolis. Couriers are mainly responsible for new content at Metropolis. Our news page lives from getting posts of all kinds. It can be either connected to official Sonic news or really anything else which is connected to Sonic and his world or SEGA in some way. It’s a perfect role for those who just like to write or publish Sonic content. Becoming a Metropolis courier means you should post every week about 2 posts, and moderate comments on the website.

Metropolis Support [Normal & Group Leader]

If you really would like to be a part of the team and represent a character, while not really being interested in posting content at Metropolis, the Support role might be eventually something for you. The Metropolis Support role, is as the name does say it already, there to support the team. This position does not bring too much responsibility with it, which makes this role ideal for those, who are busy with something else for the most of the time. The team would ask you sometimes for help at minor tasks, for example at proofreading documents and posts, promoting and sending messages to other people or groups, or by being the voice of Metropolis, when non staff members of ours would like to contact the team for getting help or just for answering a few questions.

What is a Group Leader?

Group leaders are those who are the heads of their role group. They manage and are responsible for the groups they are inside. They have a bit more authority, but this position comes with a bit more work and responsibility.

Interested? Then send us your application!

If you chose to apply at Metropolis, all you need to do is to download the text file [.rtf] and fill the fields out. After you’re done, send it directly to Blu [Head of Metropolis].

You can contact me either at Discord or via my Email:
Discord: Blu#4276
E-mail: [email protected]

For the application, you can either use the template, or if you prefer, you can make your own application file. Please make sure your application contains all the info which is asked for in the original template.

Also, please be aware that we cannot provide you with an instant reply. After you send Blu your application, it might take several hours or days before the admin will message you back. Please be patient until then, and don’t spam Blu.


Question: Do we get money for this position?
Answer: No. The entire team is made out of volunteering Sonic fans. We do this because of passion for the franchise and for the community. We do not earn any money with our website currently, and there are no plans regarding that in the near future.

Question: Do I really need to be 18 years old for this?
Answer: Yes. Sonic Metropolis does provide staff members powerful site tools, which can harm the website and the community when used wrong. If the head administrator has a suspicion about the applicant’s age being a lie, he can demand a censored ID check.

Question: I would like to join, but can you change “Things & Rules” then?
Answer: No. Applicants are supposed to adapt to the community rules, and not the opposite.

Question: I am also a part of a staff team somewhere else, is it okay?
Answer: Yes. We do not care what other communities you are involved in, as long as you fulfill your duties for the position you applied to.

Question: The current role I want to apply for is not listed above, can I still apply for it?
Answer: Eventually. The roles we do list up there are the ones we need the most right now. You still can apply for other positions, but the chances are rather low to be accepted if you do not come up with good reasons as to why we should pick you for these other positions.

Question: Can I change my role during the time at Metropolis?
Answer: Of course. The more you have done at Metropolis, the higher your chances to be promoted to bigger roles. Do your job, be a helping hand to other team members, and you will be eventually promoted to even more trustworthy roles.

Question: Any conditions when it comes to picking the character?
Answer: Beside being suited for this role, only one condition. As the head of the team does wish to have team members who can represent their characters well, he also wishes that their gender is identical with the character they choose to represent.

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