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Latest news from Blu

Sonic Metropolis v.3.4 is officially out now!


[Design & CSS]
– Social share buttons moved to the center on posts.
– Minor CSS changes on posts layout.

[Comments & Threads]
– Added new titles for Metropolis user.
– 100 comments per user now allowed at one single post or page.
– Editing own comments now allowed up to 30 minutes.
– Max comment length increased to 2000.

[Metropolis Posts]
– Added post rating system to Metropolis.
– Disabled recent post showcase on posts.
– Ask the Character page converted into a post type page.

[Bug Fixes]
– Fixed a few bugs connected to comment moderation.
– Network issues connected to cache and DNS fixed.
– Fixed dynamic space length of username and password input depending on what page or post the user is currently at. Now its static on all pages and posts.

-29/11/2022 Blu [Site Update] [Metropolis Posts & Comments]

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