Sonic ORIGINS launch trailer

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Reminder news! First at all, Happy Birthday to the Blue Blur, Sonic the Hedgehog! Today, June 23rd also was released worldwide Sonic ORIGINS and Sonic Media celebrated it with a launch trailer you can see it below: Did you play…

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Metal Sonic in Sonic Speed Simulator now!

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Sonic Speed Simulator news! Today a new update for Sonic Speed Simulator – Roblox was released with a new event. This time, Metal Sonic boss in Metal Madness event. UPDATE 9 – METAL MADNESS BOSS!#Roblox #SonicRoblox Race Metal Sonic in…


New Sonic ORIGINS trailer: game modes.

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Reminder article, this time with Sonic ORIGINS. Today the Sonic the Hedgehog social media released a new trailer with a quick overview about all game modes. If you aren’t aware yet, Sonic ORIGINS is a recompilation of Sonic classic era…


Sonic Prime | Official Clip

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An official clip of Season 1 of Sonic Prime is released. A familiar character makes an appearance, but perhaps not the one you would expect. Check it out! Upon dashing across what we could assume is Green Hills, Sonic disrupts…


Sonic Central direct featuring new announces

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Today was released a new Sonic Central direct featuring multiple announces as well: Here is a list of the announces happened today: Sonic Origins trailer.  New Sonic Prime footage featuring Shadow the Hedgehog. New Sonic Frontiers footage. New Sonic Merchandise…