Sonic Central direct featuring new announces

OReicer by OReicer in

Today was released a new Sonic Central direct featuring multiple announces as well: Here is a list of the announces happened today: Sonic Origins trailer.  New Sonic Prime footage featuring Shadow the Hedgehog. New Sonic Frontiers footage. New Sonic Merchandise…


E3: Sega will be there

Mrgamebase by Mrgamebase in

E3: Sega will be there E3 has confirmed that Sega will be part of this years online e3. Sega doesn’t appear on the released schedule which means it is still a mystery on which day and when they will appear….


SAGE 21 Details and Booth Guide are out


Yes!…the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) will happen this year and is already set to be in August 21th-27th. Just recently details on the event and the guide to enter/create booths etc. got out. Click here to check it out:…