Mobian anatomy is harder than expected

by Nessi in

Some anatomy practice… …done on one of my OCs since in my usual artworks I make them look more.. anthro, I guess haha. Here is a comparison to how I usually draw and how this ^ looks next to it….


#SONIC30TH Birthday Twitter Artworks

by Dannics in

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! Today lots of awesome sonic artwork got posted on twitter. Here an selection of celebration artworks i found (Click on the Artwork to get to the Artists twitter): I hope you liked these and payed…



by Omega in

Today we’re going to talk about the Illusive and Somewhat Nostalgic Sonic the Hedgehog: The Screensaver. (ORIGINS) Before we talk about the actual Screensaver, we got ta talk about HARMONY. HARMONY was an Official Magazine (and a newsletter of sorts…