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Sonic the Hedgehog

I dont know how exactly i did end up being here, but here i am now. So if you have anything to ask either me or my friends, go ahead!

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hi guys, I am interested in this question, question to Espio, you and Silver met after the events Sonic RIvals 2? if yes, you had the same friendly relationship or did you forget about each other?


That is a good question, immortal fellow. To answer your question: it had been a while since our team-up mission that I saw him again. I had a short friendly encounter with him at Sonic’s Birthday Party after Sonic saved us. After that, I was glad that such a good friend helped us joined our resistance against the Eggman empire when Eggman had almost completely taken over the world.


Hello, Metal Sonic.
Wanted to ask, what do you think about Omega? What’s your relationship with him considering your and his origins?


Hmm, both we are robot and creations of Dr. Eggman, we met a few times in the past. Omega is one of the strongest robots but i’m the only designed to beat and destroy Sonic the Hedgehog!


hello guys,Question to sonic,sonic what is your full potention?


I think you meant “potential” buddy, and to answer your question, i honestly don’t know. Everyone is capable of achieving great things in life, and all it takes to do so, is simply to give your best and to be ready. While my potential is connected to running, others have great potential in many other situations. At certain times, people will be surprised by their own performance which they wouldn’t ever expect from their self, especially in hard moments of life. I don’t know what my “full potential” is, but i surely know, when im supposed to give my best.… Read more »