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The Sonic the Hedgehog comics made by Archie, hate them like them, they exist.
This list is not to convince you to either like the comics or hate them. It is just to share some funny pages from these comics.
These entries are not in any particular order.
And some entries might not be funny to you because humor is subjective, everyone is allowed to share their opinions in the comments below.
And no worries these entries won’t spoil anything from the comics.

1. Omega and Blaze

This might look like the weirdest ship ever but that might be the actual joke here. Omega in the comics uses a lot of firepower. Guns, bombs and flamethrowers. And when Blaze and Omega meet for the first time Omega sees blaze as an amazing flamethrower. 

2. The birds

We know who the babylon rogues are. And we know Bean from Sonic the Fighters. But did we ever consider if they are related? Bean and Jettison Q. Hawkington could be brothers for all we know. Wait….. dammit Bean!!!

3. Sailor Moon???

It might be better if I won’t explain how this image is an actual pannel in one of the Sonic Archie comics. The wonder of imagination is sometimes a wonderfull thing.

4 No ~(hard)~ feelings

Omega might have feelings or he might have none. If he has feelings they are limited.

5. I have this condition

Sometimes it might be better to share your condition after you get to meet someone new.

6. Bad to the Bunny. Bunny?

Isn’t Cream badass!!!! And Cheese too!!!

7. Espio's flaw

Everyone has flaws. And with me it might be money problems. But to be honest I know that these slots were rigged. I’m sure of it.

8. EGGman is not amused

Eggman also wants attention. He is kind of the star of the show right?

9. Away for two issues

In the comics Sonic is not present in each issue. And this fact is made fun of in this cover of this issue.

10.Shadow is not amused

In the video games we never see an interaction between Shadow and Marine, but if Shadow was somehow in Sonic Rush Adventure I would expect him to give this face to Marine to just make her shut up.

That were them all for this week. I hope some of them gave you a chuckle.
Should I share some more moments from the Comics? Next time they don’t need to be 10 funny moments or from Archie. 
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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