Sonic Metropolis is an online community that first launched on the 7th September 2019 and is based on the Sonic the Hedgehog Universe and everything related to it. We are founded on the vision and purpose of bringing all the Sonic fans together and providing them not only the possibility to browse through our info pages, news, and media libraries, but also to let them share their Sonic content here as well. Furthermore, fans and visitors can join interesting discussions in our forum or start new discussions if they prefer. If you ever desire to create and manage Sonic related events, then just go for it as Sonic Metropolis will also support you in this. We just want to give you the opportunity to find new friends here and to have a good time. Another of our special features here is that you can ask our beloved Sonic characters any questions you like! Sonic and his friends will try to respond as fast as possible to you. Finally, the biggest difference between our community and the others is that we want to offer mainly canon information about the Sonic universe and its characters. We will not ever try to mix the main game timeline with non-canon comics, shows, or movies. This does not mean though that we will not also publish content about non-canon material, however. We offer a variety of content for the community involving the games, the franchises music, information about Sonic and his universe and even much more. If it is Sonic related you can always share it here, as long it does follow our official guidelines. So please go ahead, tell the whole world about us, and become a member of Sonic Metropolis today, and enjoy your stay here!

Friendly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registering as a member of our site not only gives you access to post comments and ask characters [staff] questions, but you also will be able to create and manage your own community posts and events if the staff approves it. Keep in mind that the forum registration is not bound to the site. If you want to join the forum for interesting and funny discussions, you also need to create an account there as well.

Sonic Metropolis will never try to get any money out of this site. Our community will be forever 100% free to use. This means no annoying premium user roles, community-currency or any other content you need to pay for. Sonic Metropolis is about Sonic and his world, not money.

We won’t ever share or publish your personal account data. The security and anonymity of our community members is extremely important for us. For more information about how we handle account data, check out our privacy policy.

In the case that members run into technical issues on our site we ask you to please report it to the head administrator [[email protected]] as quickly as possible. Optionally you can also report it here if the issue is not considered to be that critical. We are thankful for every single reported issue as it helps to make the experience in our community that much better.

After your registration, you will first need to get permission from either the head administrator or other staff member to get access to the post editor. You can request this by sending them a private message in the forum, or by contacting them through some other method. Please keep in mind though that you need to be at least 17 years of age. After contacting us, and convincing us that your’e able to post good quality content, we will give you the “Advanced User” status, which allows you to use the “Light Editor” for making posts.

You can read everything about our guidelines here. If you still have questions, feel free to make a post about that right there in the forum.

No, Sonic Metropolis does currently not have an app. However, this might change in the future. In the meantime, you can use Sonic Metropolis from any device you like, including smartphones and tablets. Our unique design should be responsive to all devices.

Our community does give everyone the possibility to ask your favorite Sonic characters anything you like, as long as the community guidelines will be respected. The character are represented by our professional team, where everyone of us have this special bond to this character we do represent. We can guarantee you that you wont find a better cast for Sonic characters than here!

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If there is anything you want to ask or to discuss, please contact the support team. In an emergency or in other very important cases, please contact the administrator under [email protected] or his discord which can be found in his forum profile.