So, what is this site here all about? As you probably figured it out already from the title above, our website is mainly about everything connected to Sonic and his universe. We as ‘Sonic Metropolis’ want to create a place on the internet where people can come together to share Sonic news, artwork, knowledge and much more! The phrase “By fans, for fans” does suit the description of our site pretty well. Sonic Metropolis wants to bring all the Sonic fans from all over the world together to form a worldwide community of the Sonic franchise. The site went online for the first time on September 7th 2019, and was founded by Blu. What really makes our website unique in terms of Sonic communities is that we have a vision of being one of the most accurate and reliable sources for ‘canon’ Sonic information one day. While it’s still up to this day disputed what really canon is in the Sonic franchise, we lay our own foundation and definitions for us personally as to what is canon, and what is not. The core of our canon foundation will always be the past. We will stay loyal to the original concepts of Sonic and his universe, from the 90s and the early 2000s. However we offer of course more than just some information related content. Our website comes with sections for music, fan games and mods, custom events, speedrunning and even more! Another amazing feature we do offer is to give people the possibility to ask a Sonic character anything they want! Each staff member of our team comes with his or her own character role, which they are supposed to represent as canon as possible, to bring even more life into Sonic Metropolis!

Friendly Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we offer to register on the website, its not really needed to leave comments or to ask our Sonic characters, since these features are also as guest available. But it comes with the benefit of being able to set your own profile up, to give your being here more personality. Furthermore with an own account, you will be able to request access to one of our editors to publish your very own Sonic content here.

Sonic Metropolis will never try to get any money out of this site. Our website will be forever 100% free to use. This means no annoying premium user roles, community-currency or any other content you need to pay for. Sonic Metropolis is about Sonic and his world, not money.

We won’t ever share or publish your personal account data. The security and anonymity of our community members is extremely important for us. For more information about how we handle account data, check out our privacy policy.

In the case of running into technical issues on our site we ask you to please report it to the head administrator [[email protected]] as quickly as possible. Optionally you can also report it at our official discord server directly. We are thankful for every single reported issue as it helps to make the experience in our community that much better.

Yes you can. Sonic Metropolis comes with multiple content editors, and one of it can be even used by non-staff members. After a successful registration, you can request the access to the “Post Manager”, from where you can start to edit, publish and manage your very own posts with the “Frontier Editor”. You can send your request concerning this, to the staff directly at our official discord server.

You can read everything about our guidelines here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact the staff at our official discord server.

No, Sonic Metropolis does currently not have an app. However, this might change in the future. In the meantime, you can use Sonic Metropolis from any device you like, including smartphones and tablets. Our unique design should be responsive to all devices.

Our community does give everyone the possibility to ask your favorite Sonic characters anything you like, as long as the community guidelines will be respected. The character are represented by our professional team, where everyone of us have this special bond to this character we do represent. We can guarantee you that you wont find a better cast for Sonic characters than here!

Check these links out for more information on Private Policy and Cookies :

Link 1 : Site Privacy Policy

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If there is anything you want to ask or to discuss, please contact the support team. In an emergency or in other very important cases, please contact the administrator under [email protected] or his discord which can be found in our discord server.